Hey my name’s Paul,

I have been in the penis enlargement circle for 10-11 years now. I used to wonder and suspect all of the penis enlargement devices and pills (anyway pills are all scam don’t buy it. It will never work) Until one day I have found and used phallosan forte and it really change the way I think about penis enlargement product. It has clinical test, has FDA approval, can be worn any where any time and nobody can notice (this is what I love the most. You can enlarge your penis wherever and whenever you like.) And most important is IT WORKS….and work so well.

Phallosan forte also has a lot of extremely good product review compare to other devices on the market.
That’s why I created this site to share how to use it and how to made the most out of it.

By the way, this site was migrated from www.phallosan-forte-review.com so yes I am the same Paul.

Enjoy people, go make your dick bigger.

2 thoughts on “About”

  1. I am about to buy phallosan, I bought size genetics 1 month about and I regret because that device hurts a lot. Phallosan doesn”t look so powerfull but according many reviews of people it works. I hope to reach at least 1.2 inches

    by the way I”m from Ecuador. my native language is spanish.


    • If you still have your money left try phallosan lol.
      Joking, if you are happy with size genetics try adjusting it first.
      Both of the devices work, but I like phallosan more because I can wear it throughout the day.


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