All about Phallosan forte scam

Ok, all these phallosan forte scams on the internet are driving me crazy. First of all, the company itself, Swiss Sana AG, is not scam at all. They sell real working products. They even sell phallosan in clinic in Germany. Let’s get to all the scamming topic on the internet that I found these days.

Phallosan forte amazon

I’m not sure if you’re trying to buy it from amazon? The problem is phallosan is not sold on amazon. period. If you find the listing on amazon then be 100% it’s fake and you’ll probably get something else coming to your home. I know you think Amazon ships faster and things and it’s so easy to make purchase on their website. You might even have amazon prime account but man, it’s not the company sold it there. It’s someone else who are just trying to get your money.

Look at this picture.

phallosan on amazon ebay


Bro. That’s an absolute scam if you ask me.

Buy from the original website only.

What about eBay?

Again! Bro! They don’t sell on eBay, Amazon, Etsy, etc. Whatever! These are all scams. Buy it from the original website only. Let me tell you how they do scam. They just create a new account on amazon, ebay or just bought an old account which helps with the ranking on product listing hence more people see their products.

They post a picture on amazon, ebay account and when you search for it you bought it, they did ship the product, a fake one. You open the box then found out the product is not similar to the one you saw on the original website but you think, well, ok the price is much lower……

Dude. seriously. those are some fake phallosan from China or something. I’m not criticizing China, it’s just most of the time it comes from China. The material is cheaper there and they can make similar products and do marketing in the name of popular brand and sell it. Profit for them and a loss for you. You get what is not going to make your penis bigger. Worse if the rubber is not medical grade. I myself would not use it.

Phallosan forte scam

This is not the same as the above topic. I think most people just want to know if it really works or not. The short answer is YES it works. The long answer with a lot of people users review and results can be found here.

It works but to be honest gonna take around 3 months to fully see results. This penis enlargement takes time so anything that says you’re gonna see results in 1 week is a total scam. Those pills, creams won’t work. Pumping works but need even more time frame like 1 year to see noticeable gains (we’re talking about 0.5-1 inch.)

Phallosan forte discount & coupon code

Most commonly used keyword to scam you to buy or click the link. Phallosan do NOT offer discount and do NOT offer any coupon code. The only discount you can find is when you bought phallosan forte and phallosan plus together which will save you $30 but this is kind of a bundle and they reduced the price for you. There is no direct discount when you buy them separately. If you found one, congratulations you’ve found a big scam.