Make your woman orgasm intensely

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Warning The below contents will contain some pictures of women vagina be sure to read this alone.

Let me introduce you the erogenous spot of women first. (I will explain only in vagina area)
OK, let me go straight. There are 3 spots for making her orgasm so hard she could feel out of the world.
1. G-Spot
2. U-Spot
3. A-spot / Deep spot
I believe most of you have heard/know about G-spot but I’ll also cover that also, however the other 3 spots, A-Spot, U-Spot, Deep spot, I believe only a few knew that they exist. And trust me this is what your sex life has been missing all the time.
G-Spot : The famous G-spot locate in only 2-3 inches inside vagina in the front wall. See Wikipedai picture here. In a normal state it will be completely flat like the below balloon picture here on the left.

flat g-spot swell g-spot

However, when they are stimulated or the women get aroused it will get bigger and easier to be touch.(This is why its good to foreplay first) When you stimulate it too the point where your woman feel the need to pee. That is what we want most! KEEP using your finger to press upward in the “come here” motion (I usually use 2 fingers, index and middle or middle and ring finger)

come here finger

And she will squirt at the point of no return. You might not be able to give her a squirt in the first time but talk to her and explain to her how wonderful she will feel from having a squirting orgasm…Keep trying and it will happen soon. I got my girl a full squirt at the 6th attempt (5th she also squirt but very little juice come out)
No need to rush if she doesn’t squirt in the first few attempts, women are physically and mentally different since the day they’re born. So keep trying guys. The point is when she feels like the need to pee then press hard and firm and fast at the G-spot and you will hear the juice is coming keep doing it until she squirt!

U-Spot : The U spot is located at the area between the clitoris and the vagina opening around the opening of the urethra. That’s why it is called the U-spot. A lot a women find stimulation of the U spot irritating, but some absolutely love it. You can use your tongue or your penis rubbing against it to make her cum. This spot is quite hard for me to find here is it in wikipedia.

A-Spot or Deep spot : This is the spot which I believe can make the most intense orgasm for a women. A-spot comes from “anterior fornix erogenous zone” which located deep in side women vagina as you can see in below picture.


Now, why does it give women intense orgasm? Well because this is the spot where vaginal nerves connect and the experts stated that this zone redirects female ejaculatory fluid (the vagina lubricant). I have read this quite a lot but all this knowledge comes from various forum. However you can go read it at wiki. (The Deep spot is the posterior fornix in the picture above.)

The A-spot is deeply located as you can see in the picture which if you want to effectively stimulate it you need a big dildo OR your bigger penis which the results from phallosan forte will come into help. The longer the penis the easier to stimulate this spot. When having you penis hitting the spot you will feel like your penis is hitting a ball all you need to do is move your hips in circular motion to find the location of her A-spot (it is around the ball I can’t put it specific since women are physically different but it is around that ball. Listen to “her voice” )
The basic position that I used to hit the A-spot of my girl is this position. Me on the top and angle my penis almost 90°.


Ok, I draw this myself so its a lame picture but just to give you an idea what position did I used to reach this A-spot.
And the reaction of my girl?
1.G-spot “So good”
2.A-spot with circular stimulation “MUCH better”
3.Front of A-spot (posterior fornix) with stroking “Ohhhh Yesss”
4.Back of A-spot (posterior fornix) with stroking “Ohhhh Godddd”
5.Back of A-spot with long and forceful stroking “Ohhhhh GODDDD I’m gonna comeeee” and she squirt so hard like never before. (I was able to reach A-spot after my penis length is increased around 1 inch from Phallosan forte…its quite deep inside her)

And at first I didn’t believe that the feeling is really that good for a women but after searching on the net I’ve found a lot of women love orgasm from A-spot (if she ever had one) and some even have multiple orgasm (continuous orgasm is even better).
Don’t just believe me. Here are some quotes:

1. A woman describe how it feels like compared to others spot.

phallosan forte results in A-spot orgasm

2. How we who have larger penis is a lot easier to reach this A-spot and how mind-blowing orgasm it is.

phallosan forte results in Deep spot orgasm

3. A-spot is by far the best orgasm.

A-spot orgasm

4. Another mind-blowing orgasm described. Body quiver and breathtaking orgasm.

Deep spot orgasm

5. A woman can’t help but orgasm with this deep spot!

phallosan forte results in Mind blown orgasm

So, that’s it having a longer, larger penis is always a better thing. Don’t hesitate and get your penis bigger now. Or go back to see the phallosan forte results first. I have wasted my time out of my curiosity before until I used phallosan and then those curiosity just blown away by my woman orgasm.

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