Maximum Gains

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20 thoughts on “Maximum Gains”

  1. Hey Paul

    I am wondering what the breakage rate is for you? The company says its low but around the net says its high.

    Also I cant jelq because of veins…..does the phalosan increase veins? Will I turtle after sessions if I dont jelq?


  2. I have been using phallosan forte for 4 months now and I have clocked in just over 1000 hours but sadly I have not seen much gain. I would love to get hold of your ebook dude . Please let me know how to go about it
    Alex B

  3. Hi Paul,

    this is Rob again. Perhaps I posted on the wrong comment section. 😀
    I got my Phallosan forte a couple days ago and have been using it for about 11h a day ever since – sent you the order no. via mail already.
    Could you give me a shout-out for your ebook please so that I may maximise those gains? 😉

    Thanks man!

      • Hi Paul,

        unfortunately, I haven’t received your book yet… could you please sent it once more?
        Btw, big thank you for your time invested in this website – started with the Phallosan (+ jelqs & Bathmate) 7 months ago and gained nicely! Wished I started out even sooner 😀


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