Penis Anatomy

Penis Anatomy and why it CAN be enlarge.

Most of men out there believe or made to believe that penis can’t be enlarge and that you have to live with what’s been given since birth.
I’m gonna show you that “IT’S A LIE”
I have successfully did and a lot of men are doing it to get bigger.
First, Have a look at the penis anatomy in below picture. (I will explain it in a simple way so you can understand easily)

*I know the image might doesn’t give you a clear view but I respect your privacy reading this article… you don’t want someone to see when you’re looking at a dick picture right?*

OK, the main things we need to focus here are:
Corpus Spongiosum (I will call it CS)
Corpus Cavernosum (I will call it CC)
These two are the what we need to “enlarge”, your penis width is subject to CC and the depth of penis is subject to CS. (If you look from top-view CC is what control the width, and if you look at side-view of penis the CS is the depth)
What we are doing to increase our penis size is to break our penis in the micro-tear level by doing jelqing (Explained in below of this page) or using some device like phallosan forte. Our body will heal it by creating a new tissue and then we break it again and the process goes on and on repeatedly. Our penis then have more tissue than before, this is the basic idea to how it works.
However, the CC is enclosed by Tunica albuginea. This one will limit the growth of your CC tissue you need to stretch your penis so that tunica become more loosely and can support more new tissue that our body has created.

So how to do this jelqing?
Before doing anything. I challenge you all to measure your size first.
Bring your ruler and place it on your dick then press it as hard as you can to the public bone and measure your erect penis length. Write it somewhere you can find in the next 3 months.
After that bring some cloth and warm it with warm water (45-50 °C) then wrap around your penis for 5 minutes (if you feel it is not warm anymore then dip cloth to warm water again.)
This is to warm up and make your tissue ready for stretching/่jelqing.
Now I will introduce you “jelqing” the famous method to increase your size known by hundreds of years ago.
Look in the picture below.
Yes, grab at the base of your penis by your thumb and index finger then slowly pull it out to the neck of your penis not to the head. (by slowly I mean it should take 2-3 seconds to complete this step) Then switch hand and repeat.
If you feel dry you can use some baby oil. I prefer soap because when doing this I suggest 10-15 minutes/session and the only time I have privacy is in the bathroom.
Oh, if you have never jelq before do only 100-200 reps for 2-3 days first. Then gradually increase to 5-10 minutes/day at the end of first month. (With 5 days jelq and 2 day rest)
You have only one dick in your entire life don’t lose it.

While jelqing is sure safe but if you pull too hard or see bruise or feel pain. Just stop and rest for 1 week.

After 3 months gone by measure your penis again. And see the magic of your hands.
Congratulations you now have bigger dick for sure.

(Duh, I am too lazy that’s why I wear phallosan for 8-10 hours/day and do a little jelq is enough….before I used to jelq 30-45 minutes/day… life is short you know? -_-” also the phallosan pulling force is a lot more constant than jelqing by hands)

Anyway, the choices is yours. visit their official site or read our review or jelqing.
Happy jelqing!

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  1. Can anyone tell me if there is any correlation between the growth of smaller guys versus larger men? I am a larger man and would like to gain 2″. I also see that with the Phallasan the girth is maxed is that because of the girth of the sleeve? Are the sleeves available in larger sizes?

    • It really depends person to person when it comes to growth. No one can guarantee how much you can gain so the best option is to use statistic. That is one of the reason I showed you the graph.
      Gaining 2″ is hard but not impossible you have to mix your routine with some other methods. Consistency is key. And the girth is not max out in the graph its just that phallosan will more likely to give you more length than girth


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