Phallosan Forte Problems

Recently I have seen a lot more phallosan forte problems around the internet so I think it would be a good idea if I summarize some of the most frequently seen phallosan forte problems in one page. I will update it whenever I have time or if the problem has spiked up around the net. Or if you have anything to add just comment below.

So let’s get started.

Phallosan Forte no results

why phallosan no result

So the first problem and the most important one is you’ve got no results after using phallosan forte. There are many factors for this. The causes of no results can be:

  1. Not wearing it long enough. If you haven’t already you should read our main phallosan forte review. In our post we found that the optimum wearing time for phallosan forte is around 10-11 hours/day. If you’re wearing 5-6 hours/day then nope, go increase your wearing time (of course, read the manual and begin the pre-work out for some days first). Oh, and you don’t need rest days for phallosan.
  2. Did not wear the device properly. Don’t wear tight pants while wearing phallosan. Your tight pants will limit the tension the belt can produce and hence limit the pulling force. After you wear your device try walking around and see the variation on the color (from green to yellow, red). Now try again when you wear tight jeans and see the variation on color again.
  3. Skipping too many days. This one is unforgivable…bro, you bought your device and it’s expensive. Why are you slacking off? If you find it hard to keep your routine you better remember the reason you bought phallosan in the first place. You’re trying hard to satisfy your partner, right?
  4. Start with too much tension. If you’re a newbie, don’t try to go fast and use the maximum force duh. Please gradually increase the force according to the manual. I know you’re trying to achieve your goal as fast as possible but doing too much is counter productive. Don’t do that.

Phallosan forte pain

phallosan forte pain

I usually see the problem about phallosan forte pain from mostly 2 things. One is the foam ring hitting your penis base and another thing is the pain from the suction bell.

Phallosan Foam ring causes pain at your penis base. You can solve this problem by switching the side (wearing phallosan to the left or the right of your waist). I usually wear it 2 hours and take a pee and then switch the side. This reduce the stress caused on single side of your penis shaft.

Pain from the suction bell. This usually happens when there are too many air inside the suction cup or the protective cap is not properly fit. Try inserting your penis head into the suction cup and before you twist the cap to lock the air, you place your very tip of your penis around 5 mm before the cap, not hitting inside the cap. Then lock and pump the air out 2-3 times so your penis head expand to fit and leave no air inside.

Another pain from the suction bell can be from wearing it for too long without taking some small rest like peeing. You will have edema swell up around penis neck and this area is sensitive. You will have to take phallosan forte off and have some 1-2 hours rest or until the edema goes away.

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  1. Thanks for the tips!

    Can you tell if there is something to do when the size of the penis gets to the point that the pulling goes sideways and towards the back? The coloring method does not apply when pulling is not parallel to the shaft. no comment from phallosan so far on this one 🙁



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