Phallosan Plus Reviews & Results

Hi guys, it’s me again Paul. Today the maker of phallosan forte decided to make another version of phallosan, the Phallosan Plus. Let me tell you a bit about penis enlargement device so you can understand how and why they made a new phallosan version. Oh and don’t try to find discount on ebay, amazon. Phallosan DON’T offer any discount. They are all FAKE. Buy from the original website only.

The penis extension devices have been around for more than 30 years but most of them use the a loop to grip around your penis glans and stretch your penis out to give you more length over time. However, this loop grip almost always causes pain and bruising and some time impairs the blood flow. Swissana (the company that made phallosan) is the first to implement the vacuum technique which have been sufficiently tested and this vacuum technique is far superior to the old loop grip many companies offer.


However, there is a good thing about the old loop grip, that is the rod that is used to stretch your penis. The rod is rigid and is way more sturdier than the belt phallosan has offered in the forte version. So they combine the two techniques together. The comfort of the phallosan forte version and the rigid of the rod in old extender version.

What is Phallosan Plus ?

Phallosan plus is another version of phallosan forte. It combines the traditional extenders with vacuum technology. If you can remember the Sizegenetics rod-based design then that’s what I’m talking about. Anyway, this phallosan plus has more comfortably around your penis so it’s better.

Look at the traditional penis extenders and see how the company combines the technology.

phallosan plus reviews results

Don’t ask me why they did this. LOL. I don’t know why. If you previously invent another system (which is effective and very comfortable) and then later introduce the old system too. Weird in my opinion, but anyway, both works.

Phallosan forte VS Phallosan Plus

Which one is better?

Let me tell you like this. If you have a lot of private time then you should go for phallosan plus. If you have less private time and spend a lot of time around people then go for phallosan forte.


Because the rod on phallosan plus will make it way more obvious that there is something underneath your pants. I would definitely not wearing this and walk around the street. Phallosan forte is the way to go if you plan to wear it while working, walking, etc.

However, there is some important things that I need to point out. The time you need in order to gain more inches from phallosan plus is LESS than phallosan forte. Yes, your penis will require less time to grow if you use phallosan plus version. Why is that? Because the rod is more solid than the vacuum. It keeps your penis stretched more than the vacuum.

See the principal of phallosan here.

Wearing plus version only 4-6 hrs a day is enough to grow your penis while the original phallosan forte version you will need to wear around 10 hrs a day.

Well, I also need to tell you to please be consistent wearing it no matter which version you choose. Don’t choose plus version and think “Ah, I need to wear this only 5 hours/day.” And then you wear it only 1 month. This thing takes time. Your penis needs time to grow.

How to Use Phallosan Plus

The procedure is like this:
First, you roll the condom sleeve over the suction bell. The groove of the sleeve should sit exactly on the edge of the suction bell to avoid damage to the sleeve.
Then roll another end of the condom sleeve so it have around 1 cm (0.4 inches) between the edge of the cup and the sleeve.
After that use your thumb to pull the rolled sleeve over the suction cup.
(Tip. if your penis shaft is quite smaller than your penis head then roll the whole condom sleeve over the bell and let it sits like that for 12 hours. This will help make the sleeve a little bit bigger and make your penis more comfortable)

Next, put the protecting cap over you penis head, it should fit tightly and the less air inside the better.
Then insert your penis into the white base ring and adjust the rod to be 5 cm longer than your flaccid penis.
Roll the sleeve (on the suction cup) over your penis all the way. Pump the suction and then twist lock to seal the vacuum.
Connect the green plastic to the rod and let go.

The official video is here: (yeah, I’m too lazy to do the video and editing, etc.)

That’s it. Done.

Phallosan Plus Results

While I still don’t have enough data like I did in the phallosan forte review page. I believe the result of using phallosan plus is almost identical with the forte version in terms of gains. Well, maybe a bit faster because of the rod but this will totally depend on your privacy level. The more privacy the more you can wear it and the more gain with the Plus+ version. This plus version is not designed to stay invisible like the forte version so it needs more privacy. So keep that in mind before buying too.


See the FULL list of what you will get for each of them.

If you buy only Phallosan plus it will cost you $99 and an additional shipping cost $25. So the total price you have to pay is $124.
If you want phallosan plus AND phallosan forte together as a combo package then the price is $408 plus shipping cost $25 so total $433.
But if you buy only phallosan forte then the cost is $339 (again shipping cost $25).
Notice that the combo package is $30 cheaper than you buy the two version separately.

Final Thoughts

I would say both version works. Again, it depends on how much privacy you have. If you’ve got a lot of private time then sure go for phallosan plus+ version. It’s even cheaper. But if you don’t know if in the future your privacy will become less or not then I would say go with the forte version. Wearing the forte version and walk around the street feel great! My recommendation is to wear the plus+ version for around 5 hrs/day and for the forte version for 10 hrs/day.

Oh and please be consistent dude. If you see the wearing hours of 5 hrs vs 10 hrs on the above line and think you could be more lazy then this penis enlargement thing is absolutely not for you duh. Your penis needs time and exercise to grow.


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  1. Hey Paul,
    One thing you didn’t mention is the ability to wear the Plus to bed and sleep with it on. Is it comfortable enough to sleep with a rod device throughout the night? It seems like a ‘no-browner- to me if you can just wear the plus while you sleep.

    I Just bought the Forte and thinking about adding the Plus.

    Thanks friend

    • I never sleep with a rod really. I find it uncomfortable.
      If you want to sleep with phallosan (normal version) on I would suggest conditioning your penis first, like 4-5 months so you actually know what you’re doing.


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