Phallosan forte review : Does it work? My before and after results (Updated 2022)

Hi, I am Paul. Glad you have visited my website. I’m a guy who is obsessed with making my penis bigger. I have been doing penis enlargement for 12 years now. The reason I created this website is because I know how it feels like having an average or below average penis, but that’s yesterday I am bigger now and I will share how I can become what I am …. Believe me, I know the PAIN and I don’t want any of you to suffer anymore, so today I’m going to introduce you to Phallosan forte.

Phallosan forte as of 2021


***Update (10 August 2022) more user stats updated***

***Have you got problem with sleeve condom? Click here and check in the Video FAQ section and see how to use it correctly***

What is Phallosan forte ?

Phallosan forte is one of the best penis enlargement device produced by a German company which will increase your penis size by using a traction force. (I will explain later on.)

Tested in Germany and is the only penis enlargement product that has FDA approval on the internet. So ultimately it is not a scam. Phallosan forte used to increase your penis size and straighten up a curve or bend penis known as a Peyronie’s Disease. People who have used this unique method should also experience harder erections since it treats the erectile dysfunction.

According to the official website, It should cause permanent gains and results in penis size, with completely painless process which mean it’s safe to use. They also mention to be the most effective device in today’s market and give faster results than any other penis enlargement method out there. (Well, yeah every manufacturer claims something like that but phallosan forte doesn’t just talk big. I have posted many users results gains on below of the page.)

How does Phallosan forte work?

Phallosan forte will continuously use a traction force to pull your penis without any uncomfortable feeling at all and it will results in a bigger penis of yours.

The steps of how to use phallosan forte are:
1. Starting by measuring your penis shaft (the middle of the penis) with the given template. (I just use the picture from the manual so you won’t feel uncomfortable looking at my dick in a public place….I don’t know where you will be reading this at home or at the office lol.)

measuring penis

2. Then you select your condom sleeve and the appropriate bell from your penis size you have just measured

phallosan cap and lock

3. Use baby power on outer sleeve condom (This will form a protective coat and prevent sleeve condom from being tear apart from your sharp fingernails.)

4. Roll the sleeve condom on the bell

condom sleeve

5. Now we will focus on the protector cap on our penis. Use both of your thumb fingers and pull it apart like in the picture. Then insert your penis in this protector cap, it should fit snugly.

phallosan protective cap

6. Now roll back the sleeve condom over your protective cap and then you’re ready to gain!


7. Then use the suction bell to create the vacuum. Be sure to use small force at the beginning of using phallosan forte. You will want your penis to adapt to the pulling force first.

phallosan force in grams

8. Attach the suction bell with the belt and wrap it around your waist.

9. That’s it you should feel the pulling force created by phallosan forte. You can wear it ANYWHERE ANYTIME this is the best part which I love the most about it. Imagine going out of your home doing some work while having your penis enlarge at the same time! No penis device could do this. This is the only device you can wear anytime seriously. Don’t believe me? Try searching for it, no others penis enlargement device could….And what more is you can wear phallosan while you’re at sleep! Getting your penis bigger couldn’t be more easier and consistent. Totally rock isn’t it?

Does Phallosan forte work?

I will go straight with you …Phallosan forte result was clinical tested and proven, IT WORKS and it works SO WELL that everybody who has been tested has increased in their size. Everybody!
Millions of phallosan has been sold worldwide, meaning that there are people out there getting bigger and bigger. Don’t waste your time. Invest now and get bigger before someone else does and you become average or even below average.

If you find the price is high. Well, let me say this:

“Spend your money on the proven product is way better than buying products after products that’s not even work!”

I can’t stress enough how much you will regret if you don’t buy this fast.
Time goes by and when you look back its 2-3 months already. The same amount of time you will gain almost an inch from phallosan forte penis extender device. I also once hesitate to buy this and feel exactly the same way. And it takes me 5-6 months before I did (think how much will I gain from this period of time), I was reluctant. I want to find the best product that guarantee I will have a bigger penis.
But I literally can’t find a better product in term of a quality and results guaranteed.
In the Phallosan forte website you can find that they (the phallosan producer) even have a PDF file which contains the data of a volunteers to use this penis enlargement device.
Well, have you ever find other penis device doing this? I don’t. And I really think you won’t find it.
They are so confident with the quality of their product so that’s why they are doing this.
The summary of the PDF file is that “everyone” gained from phallosan forte. (The program duration was 6 months.) You can read full report here.

For those who would like to know only the Phallosan forte results summary here it is:

The minimum gain for Length in 3 months is 0 cm and in 6 months is 0.5 cm
The average gain for Length in 3 months is 1.05 cm and in 6 months is 1.78 cm
The maximum gain for Length in 3 months is 3.8 cm and in 6 months is 4.8 cm

The minimum gain for Girth in 3 months is 0 cm and in 6 months is 0 cm
The average gain for Girth in 3 months is 0.64 cm and in 6 months is 0.8 cm
The maximum gain for Girth in 3 months is 2.5 cm and in 6 months is 2.5 cm

Of course, the Phallosan forte results vary due to wearing time per day, how many months, physical conditions (age, genetics, etc.)
But you can see they all get results. I too once small, I had 5 inches erect length and 4.1 girth. But now I have 7 inches erect length with 4.8 girth. I know many guys out there are bigger than me. But so what ? I’m not trying to have a biggest penis in the world. I bought phallosan forte because I want to be bigger with more confidence when I sleep with a woman.

At first, sure. I don’t believe what the manufacturer told me so I went all over the internet and gather every information of phallosan forte gains and results from the real users. And this is how it looks like. This below picture is the phallosan forte results gains table. (I just hide their names because of privacy issue) I give you a summary like this:

results and gains

Starting length: The user initial penis length before using phallosan forte.
Gain Length(inches): How much that user gain in penis length at that time of report. (Gain according to total wearing time)
Gain Girth(inches): How much that user gain in penis girth at that time of report. (Gain according to total wearing time)
Wearing hours: Total wearing hours since the beginning until the time they report.
Additional PE: PE means Penis Enlargement, Jelqs, as I have explained above. Bathmate is another penis device(pumping) you can search for it (I have used it but it takes a lot of private time because you have to do it in the bathroom, so I quit)
Gain/hr: This is the gain in length divided by wearing hours to see how much you will gain per hour. (Just for fun)
%Length increase: is the Gain length(inches) divided by the user Starting length. (Just to see how much one can gain compared in %)

Now the calculation fun begins.
The Average gain per hour of ALL users is 0.000537225 inches
If I put wearing time of 10 hours/day. It means that you will gain 0.00537225 inches/day
Which mean you will gain 1 inch in 1/0.0537225 = 186.142 Days (Around 6.20 Months)
*Please note that this number is only the average from the users data above. And the results of course will vary due to our physical and others conditions are different. This is just for fun calculation.
The data table is difficult to read ? Here you go.

This one is results length gains from phallosan forte

length gains and wearing time

And this is results girth gains from phallosan forte

girth gains and wearing time

(*Please remember that results gains in both length and girth are gains at that time, it can be increased if the user wearing time increase)

The blue bar is the gain you can look up the value at the left axis.
The red line is the wearing time and you look for the value at the right axis.
For example user number 4 gains around 0.5 inches in length with total 1000 hours wearing time.
And user number 4 gains around 0.25 inches in girth with total 1000 hours wearing time.
*A lot of user did not report the girth gain because most of them are targeting for length*
You can gain girth too but I believe the gain will be lower.


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1. A woman describe how it feels like compared to others spot.

phallosan forte gives a-spot orgasm

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Bigger penis by phallosan forte

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Make your partner satisfied with phallosan forte

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Longer and bigger penis with phallosan forte

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phallosan forte results in Mind blown orgasm

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Now let’s get back to the topic.
I am very confident that you will have gain results from phallosan, however you can gain more from it and this is what I did.

I also did some manual jelqing after using phallosan to maximize my gain. If you are not familiar with jelqing, it is using your index finger and thumb grab around your penis at the base and squeeze firmly (not too hard) to the neck of your penis. Read here on how to do it.
The reason behind this is after wearing for a long time I want to force new fresh blood to circulate in my penis and straighten it a bit. And that helps a lot with your unit. I did it for 5-10 minutes and that’s it for the day. (I usually wear 8-10 hours/day)


So that’s all guys, hope it helps with your gain. BE BIGGER buy phallosan forte.
You can always come back to my website to read how to use phallosan again and again as much as you like. I created this website to help YOU to get bigger penis. Because I knew how it feels like I have been there before.
See you at the 7 inches mark! Try it and let me here your results and if you don’t like it for whatever reason you can have your 100% money back within 14 days of receiving the device! So what are you waiting for ? You can try it ! And if you don’t like then refund!

219 thoughts on “Phallosan forte review : Does it work? My before and after results (Updated 2022)”

  1. I have jelqing for like 8 months and I have gained 1 inch in length and 0.2 in girth ,Can I still gain from phallosan forte ?

    • Yes, you can still gain but it will be less than a guy with no experience with penis enlargement.
      We all have limited amount of how much we can gain… so if you gained 1 inch already it will be less…

      • I have been jelqing for almost 2 years I am now just a touch over 9″ maybe about 9.2″ I haven’t gained for a while and I’m thinking about giving up PE because it’s too time consuming and the results I’m getting just don’t seem worth it. I really really want to hit that 10″ it doesn’t look far away on the ruler. I am so happy with what i have, I consider myself very lucky but having 10″ would be a perfect round even finish. will phallosan get me to that 10? Even though I’ve gained quite abit from jelqs in the past? I am prepared to wait for the gains i understand that experienced jelqers will gain alot slower.

        • Yeah, it will be harder to gain as you know… My sincere advice is to stick with jelqing and hanging but hanging is extremely time consuming as you may know and it can’t be done without any privacy. Another way is to do more warm up. Increase the time from 5 mins to 10 or 20 mins and then do jelqing/hanging.
          Will phallosan work for you? I don’t know, maybe it increase your length another 0.2″ but you might not reach 10″
          How much have you gained in the past? If it is more than 2″ then it is very difficult to gain more (Definitely possible. I’ve seen some members of pegym, thunderplace, etc gain more than 2″ but yeah they are quite a few)

          • I have never tried hanging in my life I don’t know how to begin with that. I have only done jelqing, when I started at age 15, 2 years ago I gained very quickly. I have gained about 3 inches since I started. But i can’t tell if some of that was puberty growth or genuine gains from my PE. could it be that the jelqing incouraged more future puberty growth to happen sooner? when I started jelqing I was about 6.2″ and now I’m 9.2″ as I have progressed over the 2 years I have increased my sessions and I think I could be over doing it now. I haven’t jelqed for a while now because Im just loosing motivation for it now and it’s becoming so boring and the thought of having to do it every week day or every other week day just makes me feel low and trapped. The Phallosan looks like such a good device and it has really good reviews. I think it would get me that last bit of length as I don’t feel maxed out and I’m still in puberty I’m 17. Also I have gained hardly any girth from jelqing just length and I have a slight curve to the left. Would the phallosan still help on these areas and give me abit of girth even if I wasn’t to gain length? The thing is i really don’t feel that my length is maxed out how can you tell when you have got your full length? I was also thinking what would happen if I gave up PE for a while and then tried the phallosan like a few months after stopping? By then my penis would have recovered fully from all the jelqs I have done in the past and it could re adjust and start growing again when i reaplu the force with the phallosan?

            Thanks for the help I don’t want to throw out the money of its not going to work well for advanced guys or people like me who have gained with PE

          • Dude 9.2″ might not maxed out for you…but you will maxed out almost any girl. lol (if not all)
            If you have gained that much I believe gaining more is a lot tougher. I also believe it is mixed between puberty growth and PE that made you gain like crazy.
            I hate scamming people so I will be honest and tell you phallosan might not help you in length but it might help you with curve.
            I once faced plateau and stopped for 2-3 months and started again….but it didn’t work… I need to stop a year! then need a shock routine to make gains.
            You should now focusing on girth routine since it is possible that your smooth muscle is your limiting factor but this is just my guess.
            You are so young… don’t worry about it too much. The oldest guy I have known that gained from PE is 65!
            You have like 48 years to do it LOL.

          • I can’t order the phallosan untill next year anyway If I’m going to order it. I want to wait untill I’m 18 to try it. If I was to take a whole year off PE do you reckon I could start gaining again if I was to use the phallosan after a whole year off jelqing? I reckon I could gain like crazy with it I just have that feeling that it would work well for me. It’s like the jelqers dream to have your penis worked and be able to get out the house and go to work and do what you want and gain penis size from it, and not worry about having to jelq when you get back or getting up early to jelq before going out.

            If I did get one I would do a light jelq session in the shower just to get some fresh blood back to the area. Like you said. The thing that I find makes jelqing ineffective Is the fact after you finish your penis just hangs back like normal and it’s not staying stretched out. Even if I was to jelq like normal and then use the phallosan to keep streched out for the whole day after jelqing? Would this work?

            Thanks so much for the replies. 🙂

          • That *might* work for you. It also depends on how hard did you jelq during the past year. If phallosan produce more pulling force than your routine then it should work.
            But man I really can’t guarantee anything. Phallosan is best for someone that is starting out PE but for someone who gained like crazy like you might need a hanger (yeah that will required a lot of privacy though I love it when wearing phallosan and no one can see me gaining :P)
            If you wanna keep your penis stretch after session you might want to try a bandage and wrap around your dong (stretch your dong first then wrap around it.) I used to use it and it’s great.

          • Yeah i just remembered I when I started jelqing I was quite chubby and I had alot of fat at the base and bone pressed I was like 7 inches or slightly under. Since I started I have lost weight and gained too so it’s only really about 2 inches or slightly over that i have gained. And some of that is mixed puberty growth.

            I don’t think my jelqs have been that intense although I do do a really long session. But I stop immediately at the glands and each stroke is like 1 second long and I go quite fast with it :/ i cant seem tobvo slow ? Privacy is quite an issue for me when i jelq i like to spend a good ammount of time on it and that can be an issue because it has to be done in the bathroom. And hanging would have to be done in my room and I really can’t risk it haha. Phallosan is perfect no one would know about it and I can do other stuff while I’m gaining. Im so curious to find out if it works for advanced guys so I might just try it and see if it works for us advanced. although it is alot of money but even wearing it would make me feel better anyway feels like I’m doing something about It.

            What I am confused about is the red zone on the phallosan says 3kg+ how much does this device actually go up to? I think the pressure I apply when I jelq is less than 3kg because I stop at the glands so I’m never stretching it out that much.

            Sorry about all these questions. I just don’t want to take any chances and your advice is top. 🙂

          • I got the exact same privacy issue lol. I do jelqing in the bathroom and I used to do hanging in my bedroom and when someone knocked the door… know what I mean.
            The 3 kg at the red zone is the maximum it could do. I’ve never done a measuring test with it but I believe it’s about right.
            One more thing, the way you jelq i.e. stop at the neck of your penis is correct don’t go over it to the glan it will force your blood down instead of keeping it.
            If you want you also can try slower jelq + more erection it would be more intense and focused more on girth.
            Cheers mate.

          • I might just try the phallosan next year. I won’t know until I try it. 3kg is quite alot of pressure considering you have that lasting for the whole day it’s bound to do something. 🙂 plus I have a slight left curve and my erection quality is quite bad can never maintain it.

          • Thanks. 🙂

            One other question when wearing the phallosan does it feel like a good ammount of pressure down there? I like to feel pressure and stretching so then I know it’s working.

          • I have just ordered. I’m abit nervous a bout it. I was going to wait to order but I just want results now and put my mind at rest. Wish me luck I have quite abit of experience with jelqing in the past and have gained from it but i would say it was more puberty growth. Now I’m trying phallosan. This could be used as an experiment to see if experienced guys a bit like me can gain with this device.

            I will keep you updated. Let’s hope it works

          • I orded the phallosan but I didn’t put in my Email address only my mobile number because I wanted to stay anonymous. So It came up with a pink message giving me the order number and it told me to store it in the link below with my corresponding post code. I clicked on the link but there was nowhere to put the order number.

            Has my order gone through and will I recieve the device?

          • Ummmm I’ve never seen that page before.
            Anyway if you have paid for the device and input your address it should be fine.
            If you need to email them go here : (and don’t forget to include your order number)

          • Yeah the payment went through i was just a little confused about the pink box but I think it should be fine. I think it’s only for tracking or something.

            Thanks for their email. If I don’t recieve it by the weekend I’ll drop them an email with the order number 🙂

          • My Phallosan Forte arrived the other day I’m now on my 3rd day using it and one thing i have to say is WOW!! It creates far more pulling force than any jelquing technique I have used. My whole penis feels stretched out when wearing it you can feel it stetching the whole thing! and im hardly in even in the yellow zone! In 2 days of use I noticed much harder erections! One problem I have is discreetness. For me it is not discreet I’m about 9.2 inches in length and when wearing the phallosan the bell cap goes around my side and bluges out like crazy just above the top of my side pokets especially as I am using the large bell. Also on the tension rods the colour indicator started to wear off so I wrapped a thin layer of sellotape around the tension rods to protect the colour tension indecators from scratching off anymore.

            Haven’t noticed any gains yet but this is only my 3rd day so I’m not expecting anything yet ?

          • No you can’t hahaha what am I doing to myself? ?? the bigger I get the more it’s going to show. Haha oh well I’ll let you know if I hit double figures.

          • I’ve been wearing the phallosan for a few days now. But I am experiencing an uncomfortable pinching aournd the bell cap I don’t really know where to put my foreskin when wearing the device it gets in the way abit and can get uncomfortable. Also i think I’m wearing it for 12 hours or over a day.

          • Uh I think 12 hours/day for the beginning is a bit too much.
            About the foreskin I place the protector cap above the skin as i think it is more comfortable.

          • Thanks Paul. I think I was going too extreme to start with I was in the low red zone for 12 hours to start with. That’s too much for me at the moment so I’ve dropped back into green for now hahaha I don’t want to over do it.

            Over the foreskin feels alot better 🙂

          • Can you still gain even if you wear it in the green section? What is the best tension to gain and what’s the best ammount of hours to wear it for? Thanks.

          • Don’t rush my friend 🙂
            Yes, the first time I gained is from wearing in the green zone.
            The best amount based on the statistic is around 10-12 hrs/day.
            Again don’t rush lol.

          • Around 3 months if you have never done PE before. But if you have more experience it will take more time.

  2. Used for 5 months now I don’t want to be left behind with my previous size lol.
    Anyway now i’m considering to buy their silicon sleeves since I’m quite sure I’ll need it later.

  3. I have used this product and it really is amazing.
    The only problem is the supply rubber is easy to be tear for a new starter.
    But if you have used it for 2-3 days it should be easier.

  4. From the data above I think this device focus on penis length not girth?
    What is the best device if I want only girth? I don’t want length I already bottom out my woman it will be hurt if I increase more length.

  5. Wooowww come across this site. And I will tell y’all that this thing worked perfectly for me.
    I gained length 1.1 inches within 7 months and also gained 0.3 girth!!!
    Dude that’s insane. Just bought this early this year and I gained so much (even tho incomparable to some users displayed on those tables above)
    Just wanna say that $339 was worth it. I have wasted more than $800 to those scam on the net before either pills, devices, etc. wish I could find this product earlier.

  6. OMG! I reallyyyyyyy thank you that I landed on this page 5 months ago and decided to give it a try.

    I gained 0.8 inch ,but whats best is my wife is asking “Did you get bigger ?”
    (I didn’t tell her about this penis enlargement device)

  7. Hey guys, I’ve been using phallosan for three months now, it’s a good stretch. I recommend using the ab silicone anti turtle sleave. It’s a life saver, i had three sleeves rip on me but no problems so far with the ab silicone sleeve. Hope this helps.

    • Hey, Thanks for the advice! Turtle is bad for gains.
      Do you want to share your length/girth gains? So I can input in the stat summary.

  8. I’ve been using the phallosan forte for about 2 weeks. I wear it an average of 8 hours a day 7 days a week. Every other day I hang using 5lbs, (I am experienced in stretching If you’re going to hang start with a lower weight) for 30 minutes every other day. I have gained 1/4″ in two weeks in length very little significant gains as yet in girth, but it’s just been two weeks. I have had NO problems with this product. It is much more comfortable and easier to use than any other I’ve used in the past. The only question I have is, is there a limit to how much I can gain?

    • To be honest, hanging is likely to gain girth more than phallosan but the time used is much more because you have to be alone if you don’t want someone to see you hang around. I always having trouble when I need to disconnect all the hanging devices (I use the Captn’s Wench) fast when someone call me in the door lol. Phallosan makes it much more comfortable.
      Anyway, like you said if you have experienced in stretching then it is ok to also use phallosan+hanging to gain more. And 1/4″ in two weeks is INSANE dude! Keep up the good work.

  9. Hello Bro, your e-book is very good. Thanks for that.
    I also use sleeve condom to prevent turtle. You guys should try it too.

  10. One of the main benefits of Phallosan Forte is that you can wear it while you sleep, which you cannot do with other traction devices.

  11. Hi, I have purchased this product and come back with result.
    I gain 0.8 inch in around 7 months. I use it 10 hrs/day.
    It is very good product. You just have to read the manual and do exactly what they suggest.

    • Yes, They do ship to South Africa.
      (Visit their website and chose ‘Country of delivery’ to be South Africa.)
      Visit the phallosan website by any of our link in this page and you’ll also get my e-book for free! (just tell me the order number in the “contact” page)

  12. I buy phallosan from you 5 months ago. Now I have come here again to tell you I have gain 0.6 inch. Not so much but I’m happpyyyyyy.
    And my curve penis seem to be straighten a little bit, I did not measure but it looks like that.

    • Your gains is great! Try to use phallosan for a longer period of time per session and see what happen to your curved penis.
      Don’t forget to post on here to help other members. 🙂

    • Huh? Did you try contact them directly?
      The product is even in a pharmacy stores in Germany.
      Try to contact them and if they don’t reply just left your message here – I will help.
      (They might reply 2-3 days later, I have had some contact before, but the guy is quite nice to talk with)

  13. Hello!

    I have used Phallosan Forte for 1 week and Bathmate x40 for 2 weeks (since I got it 1 week before Phallosan), so my PE have lasted for 2 weeks total and it has been some nice gains!
    I used bathmate 2 hours total (10 days with 20 min comfortable sessions) and Phallosan Forte 28 hours total (mixed sessions every day) and have gained incredible 7 mm/ 0.28 inches. I think bathmate is doing a good job with my bloodcirculation, but I do know Phallosan Forte does the most important job. I was 5.88 inches and now I am 6.16 in length. I might be very lucky with so easy and fast gains thou, in only 2 weeks! If you are not happy with the length of your penis, then you should try this! I dont know about this, but I exercise with weights 5-6 times a week, eat healthy, take amino acids, protein shakes and drink L-arginine (for better bloodcirculation in my whole body) which might have an positive effect 🙂 I had 12 hours rest from Phallosan and 36 hours + from Bathmate before I measured my results, so I knew the gains was right and not a more temporary effect from a newly pumped penis +++ .
    I will make a blog soon on PEGym so people can follow my gains and routines, just search for Pextend.

    • Hello Pextend.
      Your gain is insane! Congrats man.
      If you are gaining just follow the way don’t change the method and you will be cool.
      Bathmate combine with phallosan is a nice idea. Bathmate will pump the blood flow into your penis (of course keep the low vacuum pressure) and phallosan will help with breaking your micro-tear and let your penis healed in the lengthen state. amino acid + protein shake + L-arginine is also a good combination for your penis. You have done quite a lot of homework mate.
      Starting a blog is VERY important you need to keep it very detailed and it will be very helpful in the future.
      Best of luck! 🙂

  14. Hello where do i buy phallosan because i purchase phallosan from and i haven’t getting a email or the product yet even when it says that it will take 4 to 5 days to come to sweden or was that a site just a fake site

    • Tell them that you still don’t received anything.
      But I’m wondering why you don’t have transaction code/order number?
      If you paid with paypal you should check your email.
      I mean you should send something to verify that you really bought phallosan so they cant refuse.

  15. i bought phallosan with my visa card should i give them my card number and take a photo that shows how they have taken money from me so i can get order number from them

    • Yo dude,
      After the session with phallosan you can wear sleeve to prevent turtling.
      or you can try some “light” jelq. Some other methods is given in my ebook.

  16. Hi, may I know it this product help my penis erect upward? My penis is currently pointing downward in normal state and just pointing forward when erect. Does it help me to get upward curve penis when erect? Thanks dude

    • I don’t think it will help you get the upward curve. Only straighten.
      But I really doubt there would be such device to get you upward curve. (I would love that too. lol)

  17. I have read many of these comments. No one mentioned anything about becoming erect wearing this device. How does it feels when one becomes erect wearing this device? Does the pressure increases to the point of uncomfortability?
    Does this device have to be adjusted during the day?

  18. Hey Paul

    I accidently posted this in the wrong page (your book Im keen to read) but re it is in the right page,

    I am wondering what the breakage rate is for you? The company says its low but around the net says its high.

    Also I cant jelq because of veins…..does the phalosan increase veins? Will I turtle after sessions if I dont jelq?


    • “Very light” jelq should be OK for you (try it for yourself if it is ok then you will be fine)
      As fas as I know Phallosan doesn’t increase veins. I also got lots of veins on my dong since birth and it is fine.
      If you’re worry about turtle try wearing sleeve after phallosan session.
      I’m not sure about the breakage rate you’re saying. Could you clarify what it is?

      • Thanks for the reply Paul

        I think the thing that breaks is th “condom”is that right?

        Is there a difference between the sleeve (that yiu speak of) and the ccondom?

        I see on the video you put on something on the head then the bell and then roll something down like a condom. I presume that this is the thing that breaks for some?

        If I can be sure I am spending 400 bucks as a one off I will buy, but if I have to constantly buy more condoms wont do it.


        • Actually you got 4 Free condoms when you buy – You can check out in phallosan official website.
          About the sleeve I mentioned you can google “anti turtle sleeve” this is different from phallosan sleeve.
          I did break 1 of my sleeve condom when I first start using it. Suggestion is you should sprinkle baby powder on it and don’t use your “finger nail” to stretch the condom.
          Cheers mate.

  19. I am 42, I consider myself healthy. I have always wanted just a bit more length. I am 5.8″ now. I have never believed anything could possibly lengthen your penis. If I could gain even an inch I would be mind blown! Make me a believer please…..

    • Look at the stats. They are real stat from real people 🙂
      I ,too, was once did not believe anything could make your dick bigger because the doctor said so.
      But… yeah the prove hang between my legs now.
      It is possible the main key to success is consistency.
      Oh and being 42 is ok. I have seen 60 yrs old guy gaining an inch even in girth

      • Paul,
        I read on another review page that the PF would NOT be the best choice if you 6″ or over. Have you read this? It said for those people, a different extender is recommended. Any opinions on this?


        • Um, I don’t know why it wouldn’t be the best choice because if what you want are:
          1. To have a steady traction force all day constantly
          2. Able to wear and enlarge your penis anywhere
          3. Traction force is adjustable
          If you’re 6″ then actually there are more surface to apply traction force.
          I’m now over 6″ and I’m still gaining a little bit more.
          I really can’t come up with some better choice especially if you’re a beginner.
          BUT if you have a lot of experience with penis enlargement. I will be honest and say the best option is hanging.
          It takes time and more load to gain more when you have had more experience. Your body will adjust/adapt according to the force applied to it.
          Same with lifting weight — beginner can lift 20-30 KGs and his muscle grows. When he turns to pro that 20-30 KGs weight couldn’t do anything anymore.

  20. How do i know this is not bullshit. Where are the pics? Where are the non biased clinical studies? I am 6.7 lenght but i would not mind reaching a solid 8″

    • I have pasted a clinical test link in the article you can go there and read it.
      It is also the only FDA approved penis enlargement product in the market.
      And I don’t post picture because of 2 reasons.
      1. I hate it when I’m browsing on the internet and there are NSFW (not suitable for work) pictures and I need to hide it from someone else. I want to browse it and nobody actually knows what I’m doing.
      2. Anyone can photoshoped the image….and how can you prove that the image is real? Even if I post the pic someone else will still don’t believe it…because you guys always believe the doctors said penis enlargement is impossible.
      How can I convince you? Are you ready to REALLY enlarge you penis and defying everything the doctors said about penis enlargement?
      If yes, go to any penis enlargement forum and learn how to jelq.
      You got only 1 thing to lose that is “Time” you don’t need money to start enlarging your dick (you could do something else if not jelqing, but if you gained from it…that “time” is not actually wasted)
      I dare you to do it consistently keep every single process that you do….and do jelqing at least 30 minutes/day (after your dong get used to jelqing)
      for 3 months.
      Do you accept my challenge?
      No hate here, just a sincere advice.

      • Paul, I have the phallosan and am more than willing to put in the discipline and hours to grow. My question is, from your experience, did you feel a constant pull on the ligs/tendons under the base of your member every time you wore the phallosan? I’m trying to find out if I should be feeling that sensation all the time. Thanks!

        • I always feel a light pull on my ligs. If you have just started out with phallosan then your penis will get excited at first and you wouldn’t feel much, but after it is 0-10% erect you will feel it more.
          The key here is always light pulling at ligs.

  21. Hi Paul,

    I have had this Phallosan Forte for 7 days now (from 22/2-16) and I go easy Im on the green one, of course.
    But I ´m curious, how much can I actually pump?
    Is there any worries about how much I can pump or can I pump 100% ?

    Does it actually matter if I have it on the green and then put my pants on and then it goes back know..”un green”..? Does it stretch anyway as it should do or do I have to stretch my belt harder?

    I would appreciate if you reply, thank you very much! 🙂

    • If you’ve got tight pants try to see how much it goes from green to un-green and adjust that to your need.
      I would NOT recommend you to go 100% man that’s too much. You need a lot more time before you actually reach 100%. 🙂

  22. ¨Hi Paul, thank you for your answer 🙂
    Ok, I will keep try doing that then.
    I hope you understood me about the pumping but I will not pump that much.
    I´ve try that and it went good but Im a little bit scared you know, if Im “over doing it” and I dont want to do that! 🙂
    But however, I try the Small Condom and it got too tight then I went up to Medium and it went pretty good IF I pumped much, but I felt that this may not be so good after all. 🙂
    I´ve been using the Medium Condom & it going pretty well, but I was feeling that mabye it should sit on even tighter on my penis shaft and the Small Condom was feeling too tight.
    So I bought Baby Powder and I powdering on the Small Condom & it going very good so far! 🙂
    Much easier to use and slide it in now! 😀
    And also that means that I dont have to pump so much as I had to do before with the Medium Condom.
    Thank you again for your answer, now I Know, that pumping that much isnt that good even if I doesnt feel any pain. 🙂

  23. 9 inches while impressive doesn’t matter I hate to say..the average depth of the female vagina when aroused is 6 inches and that is when fully aroused..honestly it’s more about girth as all those nerve endings inside the woman are along the vaginal wall. I’ve recently just started the Phallson as I’ve got Peyronies. So to all of you jelking just be very very careful..because any slight injury and u could end up with Peyronies and lose a couple inches due to curve and it’s permanent or surgery. Not fun.

    • From my experience it’s not how you jelq but how you jerk yourself when you’re young that makes your curve.
      Peyronies is bad but phallosan can actually help just be consistent.

  24. Man, Thanks to this device. I am able to gain another 0.5″ in 5 months
    The first month I really thought it was a scam but NO NOT AT ALL I really gained from it. My wife also notice the change lol.

  25. Hi Paul, thank you for your info here.
    I ordered Phallosan on 14 Aug 2016 and havent received the pump till 28 Aug 2016.
    I contacted their e mail and they are asking to wait for a couple of more days.
    I am in Canada (east Coast) .
    What do you suggest for this issue here. I am concerned about my investment now.
    If my order did not come through how I can get my money back.

  26. Hi Paul I am wondering what you know about the PeniMasterPro, I just want to make sure I am making the right purchase and although there is less info and testimonials on the penimaster it seems to be a very good system. There was also a site that said if you are over 7 inches then the penimaster would be a better option than the phallosan and I am already almost 7 inches without having done any PE. 🙂
    If you could share what you know about the penimaster pro and Let me know what you think my best choice would be I would be very grateful!!

    • I haven’t try penismaster myself but you can search for an honest opinion in most forum.
      The system is the same pulling on the head/shaft but from what i’ve read it slips a lot since it use a pump to create a suction only on penis head unlike phallosan that use sleeve condom to cover your shaft too.
      Phallosan wouldn’t have problem with over 7 inches though that’s from my experience.

      • Thanks so much I think I am going to be going with phallosan once I get some change together. Just wondering; if I get the extra sleeves with my purchase will it be likely that I’ll have to make any future purchases to replace broken parts because I’m hoping I can deal with it all without having to worry about making another purchase later down the road.

        • You should take a look in the video on phallosan website and be very very careful in the first few months when wearing the sleeves condom.
          After that it should be ok, just be aware of your fingernail.

  27. so not one person on this site has anything negative to say about the device? i want nothing but for this to be true, i am waiting for mine in the mail but have read some hate posts on other blogs bashing its credibility. also i want to know if the pf is safe enought that if it slips while walking or something it will not fall on the floor and expose me in front of co workers or somethin

    • I would say there are negative about the device that is if you’re advanced in penis enlargement this device will barely work for you.
      I have seen some hate posts too, but usually it’s because they did not dedicate enough or may be just promoting some other devices.
      About the slip I have never had that problem before.

  28. another question i have is lets say i wear this for 8 hours a day and then maybe a 10 minute jelq and stretch before i shower. can i carry on the rest of my day regularly without wearing the pf and my dick 100% free with no problems? because i have read in some places to never let your penis srink back to its original state. thanks in advance

  29. I believe the device works. But, this A spot stuff is bull. Otherwise, porn actresses would have been touting it for years. I’ve seen interviews with women who take huge cocks for a living. They say that this is nonsense. Most of them say they want an average penis with big girth. Girth is the element of size that women report over and over again as being most important.

    Maybe some women are into this A spot conjecture – but certainly not the vast majority. The opinions stated by the vast majority of women AND female porn stars simply do not support this A spot stuff. If this gets moderated away, I’ll know this guy is a fraud. I have several friends who’ve asked me what I think of this device or moreover the concept behind it. I believe it’s for real – but I think this A spot stuff is a fallacy.

    In fact, many women say that if it’s TOO long it’s actually painful. Girth is where it’s at. This is simply a fact based on the anatomical composition of the female genitals. All the ACTUAL pleasure-sensing nerves are located within the first three inches – the vast majority anyway. This is, again, why big girth is the factor of size that pleases a woman.

    • This device is real and that A-spot is also real.
      I know why too long penis hurt them, because you bang her bottom out and of course that will hurt.
      This A-spot thing only needs you to stimulate slowly, rub it slowly with your dick not bang it fast or quickly. The feeling is really intense you can see it in their eyes.
      And about the anatomical composition of female genitals….well if I remember correctly they originate from somewhere near the A-spot. The reason I wrote about this A-spot is simply because I have never reached it with my gf and after achieving 7″ I know I hit somewhere and begin to search on the net. (Actually if you read some Japanese dojin some of them also say things about A-spot – I have been curious since then)
      You can google A-spot and see what the opinions are, the fact that it is not majority might be because little of them know this spot or never had it touched correctly before.
      Moreover, porn star – yeah sure they have huge dick but if that dick keep banging to the way it needs to be “presented to US” (since it’s for sale most of us do not want a slowly moving dick in the movie, right?) ALL women would get hurt if it is too long.
      I still do believe A-spot can make the orgasm MORE intense than G-spot.
      Or try google something like A-spot vs G-spot or whatever and see some comments from women who have had orgasm from A-spot. Again you are absolutely correct about it not being vast majority….but what about women who have had it before? What are their comments?

  30. But lots of porn stars have 7 and 8 inch dicks. Female porn actresses take them all the time. None of the ones I’ve heard interviewed said that all of a sudden the guy had reached a new spot and it was so very stimulating. Surly these girls have been fucked slow at some point. They take dick all the time! It makes no difference. Porn actresses invariably say that in their personal sex lives they dig a regular cock with a big girth – not a long one that hits this supposed A spot. In fact, most women say that a long, thinner cock does very little for them – one with a girth less than the average 4.5 inches. If it was hitting some fabulous A spot this would simply not be the case.

    I have 5.5+ in girth and I had call girls giving me free sex in my youth because they dug the GIRTH so much. Sometimes I’m closer to 5.75. Its the GIRTH that matters.

    90% of a female’s pleasure-sensing nerves are within the first three inches of the vagina. The clitoris, the clitoral hood that pulls over it, putting pressure on it during intercourse (again, commensurate with GIRTH), the vestibular bulbs – actually a continuation of the clitoris that goes into the start of the vagina and the many nerve endings that culminate at the Grafenburg or G spot. Beyond that they feel very little.

    If longer cocks had been hitting this supposed A spot since time immemorial – and it was so great – then the vast majority of women would not be saying that it’s the GIRTH that matters far more than the length.

    I don’t mean to be argumentative here. I’m just going by what the vast majority of women say. It’s very clear that most of them want girth over length. I’ve banged a lot of girls and the girth has been by far the most significant factor. That has always been my experience. They have outright TOLD me this when they told me what a great lay I was. Then, they invariably came back for more.

    And how you use it DOES matter. I was always very agile, athletic and coordinated. HOW you put it to the woman DOES matter, also.

    Size DOES matter. But it’s the GIRTH that matters far more than the length. A penis with a big girth puts a lot more sensation on the female pleasure zones than one with lesser girth does.

    • Any opinions are always welcome if they aren’t spam, so your comments are welcomed too.
      I will say it again YOU ARE RIGHT the vast majority prefer girth, but why the ones who had orgasm with A-spot almost always say it is far more intense?
      You can search on the net about it. And the another big reason for women feel hurt when it was hit is because there are tons of nerves around that, a wrong move will make it painful.
      Again vast majority prefer girth, but what about if they had orgasm with A-spot? Will the answer change?
      And yes how you use it does matter, size does matter of course, else I wouldn’t be making this website.

  31. The thing I don’t get is why, if this A spot is so intense do we have to SEEK OUT women who’ve had this orgasm? If this spot was for real women would be singing its praises and it would NOT be just the few that somehow have the inside track on this great and little-known form of orgasm. If it’s that great then every women who’s ever had a long cock would be picking length over girth. They simply don’t, though. That’s the only point I’ve tied to make.

    It’s almost like this is some very little-known, almost secret erogenous “spot”. Yet, no woman ever even seems to have mentioned this until the Malaysian doctor said it existed – and that was when he was looking for a way to combat vaginal dryness. Gafenberg, on the other hand, labeled the G spot after we’d known forever that women experienced sexual pleasure and were trying to determine why.

    The vast majority of women, doctors and scientists still say that all the woman’s pleasure centers are very near the vaginal opening or a couple of inches in – and one does not need to SEEK OUT women to tell them this. It’s common knowledge among women. If this A spot thing was for real there would not be just very few women reporting on this magic spot. They’d have been singing its praises in huge numbers for centuries and they simply have not. And I’m not talking about mysterious texts written long ago. I’m saying that large numbers of actual women would have been lauding this supposed A spot for a long time and we would not have to seek out the very few to tell us about how great it is.

    • I don’t know what to say man. I mean there are still “doctors” who keep saying G-spot doesn’t exist. And most of them also say penis can’t be enlarged……(Then what is hanging between my legs anyway)
      It’s not a secret spot it’s just that a few have experience with it and YES those who have had the experience praised it. Did you do some google? Well, if you want to believe it doesn’t exist then I really don’t know what to do. I hit this spot after I use phallosan and went over 7″ and that’s what I wanna say.

  32. Paul.

    What about pumps? They get a bad rap with people who say they don’t increase length. But, I’ve read where some guys claim that’s bullshit and that pumps really DO increase length over time.

    It makes sense because they essentially do what jelqing does – force blood into penile spaces to expand them, supposedly leading to greater blood volume (and so increased length) over time. It seems that they would also indirectly stretch the tunica over time because of the pressure being put on it by the expanded corposa cavernosa . What do you think about pumps? I know they’re great for girth but what about long- term length gains?

    • You can gain length with pumps but from what I’ve seen it is quite minimal compared to girth ie. pumps focus more on girth.
      I rarely see people who only do pumping though, usually they also do jelqing too.
      And be sure to max your length before you go for girth. If you gain girth before length it will be much harder to gain length afterward, the force you need to increase length will be higher.

  33. I have done PE on and off but never long enough to see any gains. I end up giving up because I don’t find the time or cant be bothered. Do you think I can use this device without doing anything else and still see results?

  34. When women masturbate they stimulate the clitoris and maybe the Grafenburg spot with a dildo, by hand or with a vibrator. I’ve never heard of them using a long dildo in order to expressly stimulate the supposed “A” spot. If it really existed on most women wouldn’t they have been stimulating this spot on their own while masturbating for a long, long time? Wouldn’t it be common knowledge that the supposed “A” spot exists?

    Why is it that very few women even mention this supposed spot? Surly, if it were that pleasure-inducing it’s existence would have been common knowledge for a very long time and it simply has not been. They themselves masturbate by stimulating the clitoris and the G spot – not this supposed “A” spot. Why would this be case if the “A” spot was so great. Something simply does not add up about this supposed “A” spot.

    • Sorry, but I’m tired to answer this question again and again.
      Could you just look up in google? I can’t answer why they don’t masturbate with this spot. I can’t explain why this spot is not well known (well, actually it is if you search)
      BUT if you heard women said this spot is great why would you take those women who have never touch this spot into account?
      There are only 2 options:
      1. Keep your beliefs and do nothing
      2. Be skeptical and search search search

  35. Question, I have had the PF for a week and have logged 70 hours.
    The belt has been worn at the base of the shaft but is there any advantage to letting the loop slide up the shaft a bit to get a different stretch?
    Also, it is most likely just me but getting the cup off is very difficult. I release the vacuum and lift the sleeve to make sure the suction is gone, rollbthe sleeve up to the cup but still difficulties.

    • I think it would slide back down but you could try that.
      If there’s no vacuum it should be easy getting phallosan cup off. Are you sure nothing else is the reason?

  36. So I’m looking at purchasing Phallosan Forte, and I just bought the Bathmate X30 – is there a certain routine you’d recommend to maximize both girth and length by using both of these products?

    • Also have you tried using “Ready Man” supplements with this? I have found this supplement to be absolutely amazing at creating a super hard penis unlike any others I’ve tried.

    • I would recommend to focus on phallosan first since gaining length before girth is way easier than getting girth then length.
      However, if you’re an experienced PE’er then I would say wear phallosan 6 hrs/day then finish your day with bathmate routine.

  37. One more question on the placement of the ring.
    If I pull the shaft off center and then attach the clip to the other end of the belt, the ring stays in place slightly up the shaft pulling the base one direction and the majority of the shaft and glan in the other direction.
    I ask about this mostly because it is way more comfortable. When I wear the belt this way I can go for four hours between switching directions were if I put the ring closer to the base of the shaft and only pull in one direction I need to switch directions every hour and a half or so.
    My question is… will having the ring up the shaft reduce my potential gains?
    That I obviously don’t want and I don’t want to lose 3 months just to find it out i messed up.

    Thanks again

    • Nope, if the phallosan ring does not go up too much.
      The important thing is you need to feel the stretch while wearing it. And switching between right-left too much will hinder your gains.

  38. I´ve been wearing it for 3 months, first three months I put the ring very close to my ball sack, for three months it was stretching it but I saw no gains (I did feel it though). I did switch sides a 3-4 times a day.
    For a month I have been wearing it 1/4 of the length starting from my ball sack, but I change sides all the time since no matter how little tension I have a couple of hours later it starts to hurt.
    Now I have started using the ring in the middle and I am not changing sides, just moving the ring up and down if it starts to hurt. its getting a bit frustrating. I wear it at least 10hrs every day.
    From all the time Ive been using it, if I see no gains, does that mean I´ve been wasting my time?
    I´m I doing it right this time?

      • No PE, I have a 1.6 year old and another one on the way, plus work and school. No time at all for PE. Have tried Jes extender, but it is uncomfortable and not life friendly at all. Thats when I found Phallosan. Trust me, I will use this until I see gains. Its going to come to a point where I am probably going to wear it for only 4 hrs a day. But I will do it until the end of next year. I will persevere and give it a chance until I get it right. People says it works, so it has to.
        Tension always between almost no green to full green, but never yellow or red

        • Well, if you have never done PE before I really believe it should work even with the slightest gains.
          The green to full green is good for starter. Considering your wearing time I also think it is good so I suggest going back to the first routine.
          However, try light jelq for 5 minutes after the phallosan session and don’t let it turtle.
          If this doesn’t work it might mean you have a strong tendon and need more force to apply on, but let’s hope that is not the case here.

  39. Could you tell me if penis extenders are the same thing than hanging?
    I”ve heard that hanging 6 days a week give you good lengths gains. I”m a bit skeptical but if that really works I”d like to give it a try

    • Penis extender and hanging are not the same in method but the principle is same.
      You need to gradually increase the hanging weight to make gains don’t jump over from like 0.5kg to 1kg.
      And hanging is for an experienced PE’ers.

      • Thanks for the reply
        You mean hanging is a more intensive length work out
        By the way, I have experience in male enhancement, but I must admit that my lengths gains have been low. Only 0.9 inches in one year and I don”t know why. Can phallosan gives me 1 inch length gain?

        • Yes, hanging is more intensive.
          Penis length gain about 0.9″ in 1 year is quite natural from the statistic I have seen around the web.
          I can’t guarantee that phallosan will give you more gain, to be honest if that gains is from hanging it would be hard to gain more from other method.
          Unless you have been hanging with low weight.

          • I only made jelquing and manual stretching, but I never made hanging .
            Can phallosan gives more gains?
            In case phallosan doesn”t work for me, the only way to gain length is with hanging devices.

          • It should work since the maximum force phallosan can give is around 3 kgs.
            And yeah hanging is the best but it’s also the most time consuming method, some guys reported about gaining girth around the base after hanging too.

  40. Hello,
    So I am considering buying The Phallosan Forte. My current length:
    Length: 3.5 in.
    Girth: 4.0 in.
    Length: 5.5 in.
    Erect: 5 in.

    I was wondering with this product will I be able to reach my goals of 6 in. flaccid and 8 in. erect?
    Is that even possible for me?

    • It will help with initial gains only. That is, I think you can achieve around 6.5 in length after using phallosan. However, to add another 1.5 inches you’ll need manual routine and A LOT of dedication and no it wouldn’t come easy….It would take like 4-5 years. Going from 5.5 to 8 is 2.5″ in total. That’s a lot and if somebody said it is easy by using cream, penis pills etc. believe me he’s scamming you.
      Achieving 2.5″ in total gains is POSSIBLE but is hard….anyway after achieving that you know what? It is really awesome.

      • What Should my routine be?
        I currently have a Jes-Extender, Flaccid Jacket, and Hydromax.
        I started using these products couple months ago but haven’t seen any gains.
        How can I incorporate the Phallson and stretching?

        • LOL. You have too many devices. Stick to the one that’s work. Don’t jump from this to that.
          You should focus on getting gains on length before girth as I always suggest others since it is a lot harder to gain length after your girth has increased.
          So your device (whichever you chose) should be designed to focus on gaining length (like penis extenders, phallosan is one of them)
          I chose to review phallosan forte because the comfortability is way better than others and you can wear it outside of the house which means longer exercising time.
          After seeing any gains STICK to it even if it seems small, you just need to keep doing the same routine until it stops then evolve to a new one or increase the intensity/reps.
          Phallosan itself will do the stretching so you don’t need anymore stretching routine on that day.

  41. I have problem with my penis size and I wan’t to become big too, I was able to see and read about Phallosan Forte here and it’s benefits, but unfortunately it is not available here in the Philippines. Can you help me with this problem. Thanks.

  42. I began to make jelquing and a hanging routine and I went from 4,9 to 7 inches in 1 single year. Since then I haven’t made male enhancement in 7 years. I wonder if phallosan can give me length gains like a newbie.
    I’d like to reach 8 inches.

    • If you hadn’t been doing any penis enlargement during the last 7 years. Then I would say it should give you some gains.

  43. Hi,,, I got a question about gaining length.
    There is a vacuum technology device, like phallosan. It has a pull force till 25 pounds.
    I wonder if I can gain length if I use 8- 10 pounds while sleeping 10 hours straight.
    That device is very comfortable and doesn”t produce blisters. Is that a good idea?

  44. Hallo. First I do jelg many eyears. I grow during that years from 16,7 to 20,1 cm. But from last year jelging was no growth so i finish with that.I do now only phallosan trainings 4th month. Between jelgs trainings before and start with phallosan fotre i was brake 4 months. My results with phallosan forte is here : 1st month +4mm, 2nd month +2mm, 3rd month -3mm (yes real decrease) , 4th month 0mm. So i am frustrated. I go by red tention. Can you help me ? I dont know if i must continue with phallosan forte or is impossible to growth for me . I am also worried about next decrease too. Thanks for your reply.

    • I believe your decrease is because you went too far. Everything seems good until the 3rd month. Did you change the tension on 3rd month of using phallosan?
      This seems like over training. Penis decrease in size is usually not decrease but it’s most likely erection quality.

      • I used in maximum red tention from first day of uing phallosan. Avarage dayly using is arround 15 hours. I take free day only when i have injury. I have often injury on foreskin or skin of the top of glans. So in fact i am 3rd and 4th month in decrese 3mm. In secoud month i was at 20,8 cm . And now in 4th month i am always at 20,5 cm.

  45. So now i am at 5th month in use phaloosan fotre. Use 12-15hours dayly. So from last month i have next decrease in lenght and thickness too. In lenght next 6 mm decrease. So i am now at 19,9 cm. When i start with phaloosan 5 month ago so i was at 20,1cm. So thank you very much fot this device . This device can only decrease penis size. TOTALY FAKE !!! PEOPLE DONT BELIEVE THEM !!!

    • Bruhhhhhh why are you over working your penis?
      I said wear it 10 hours not 12-15 hrs/day.
      And don’t ever jumping in high red zone even if you’ve jelqed for multiple years.
      It wrote clearly in phallosan manual…. why did you do it?
      You’re over working. Go rest and it will come back bigger.

  46. Hi Paul, I am Brazilian and I dont write English very well, I hope you understand me 🙂

    I am using PF at 7 days and have been days of experiences and learning. I feel more comfortable in using the device without the protector cap. That way I can handle more hours without discomfort. Do you think this could cause some problem in my penis? (I hope not) =P

    I noticed that in an old comment you said that you put the protetor cap above the skin (not the foreskin). So the results are the same? In that way the force that device makes on the penis is different from having the foreskin behind….or do you believe is the same?

    I’ll be back in three months to reveal my results. I made a video and took pictures when I started. I’ll share on the Internet that Phallosan Forte works 🙂 (I started with 16 cm (goal 19 cm in 6 months))

    • Don’t worry man, you english is very fine.
      If you feel comfortable with it, it should be fine, but I would recommend using phallosan around 10 hrs/day since from the statistic it seems to be optimum point.
      The result is the same mate except you have A LOT of foreskin and the inner penis don’t get pulled.
      Sorry for the late reply man.

  47. I have been using the Phallosan for 3 months now at just over 1000 hours of wearing time, at about 10 hours per day. I stay in the GREEN-Yellow area. I switch from side to side daily.

    I have not noticed any growth what so ever, in erectile length. (and this is so disappointing)

    I have noticed a 17% increase in girth size though (erect).

    • Have you had your penis with baseball bat shape before?
      It could be that in some cases if the penis base is thinner than midshaft the girth will happen at the base first.

    • Hi Daryn,

      I also noticed the same fact as yours. I weared PF for more than 6 months, 10-12 hours per day and the only gain I had was the girth. The length seems to stay the same.
      After 4 years, did your case get better? Did you have gain in length?

    • Me and my GF were accostumed to make anal intercouse before I started to use PF. But after almost 1 year, with no gain in lenght (ZERO gain, serioulsy), but gain in girth (30%) she does not want anymore to make anal. She does not know that I’ve used PF, but comparing my olde pictures with my new ones I am sure that I gained in girth. The biggest proof of my gain in girth is her complaing that she is no longer able to make anal with me.

  48. Hi Paul,

    I have just received my Pallosan Forte today after a lengthy period of waiting.

    I’m a little unclear how to wear the devise. I have managed to fit the device to my penis and have .. I think attached it correctly 🤔 I’m not sure if I am to put the foam collar tucked under my balls ? It seems the logical place for it be ?

    Fitting the sleeve to my penis seems more tricky than I imagined … I have great difficulty getting the sleeve over my penis and I’m unsure how far down the shaft it is supposed to sit ? …when I pump the pressure into the device, part of the sleeve seems to want to sit a little inside the bell ….this being at the green level only.

    Am I doing this correctly ?

    Thank you kindly


    • Hey man, sorry for the wait.
      You only stick your penis through collar foam your balls don’t need to go through it.
      Part of the sleeves sit a little inside is also normal. Because your penis should be flaccid and the suction pressure would cause that.

  49. I have had the Phallosan Forte for about a month now. I think I may be the only person having issues with it. I’m 61 and have used a pump for years. May have caused some damage from over pressurizing. Penis also got permanently darker in color. I can wear the device for at least 8-10 hours a day. As I’ve used it my erections got weaker. Even wearing the protective cap and pumping the bell pressure 3-4 times, every time I remove the device I pee in like four different directions! I’ve also lost almost all of my ejaculation. I can’t understand why this is happening because I am seeing results but at what cost? Is this temporary or should I just stop using it? It’s very frustrating because it’s comfortable to wear but what harm am I doing ? Is this happening to anyone else?

    • Oops, really sorry I just saw your comment. The penis getting darker is very normal for any type of penis enlargement. Most of the guys I know got theirs penis darker from manual jelqing, pumping, extenders. You might lose erection due to penis fatique please rest for 3-4 days and your erections should be normal. Also, the peeing direction also happened to me LOL. I think it happened because the urethra is stretched along with phallosan… I didn’t care much about it and now it is normal.

  50. So happy you’re keeping this thread alive, Paul. I already have a Bathmate (which I barely used), but now I just got a Phallosan Forte and I’m all in. Do you still recommend getting all length gains first and then girth? Not even pumping 3 times a week, or once a week? What about just for special occasions with the gf? Or is verdict in and it’s vital to hold off on any girth gains, lest they interfere with length gains?

    Also, where do you measure up today, if you don’t mind me asking? Flaccid and Erect for Length and Girth?

    My stats:


    -Length: 4”
    -Girth: 3”

    -Length: 6”
    -Girth: 5”


    -Length: 6”
    -Girth: 5”

    -Length: 9”
    -Girth: 6.5”

    Hopefully if I keep this up for 10 hrs a day, 6 days a week, I’ll be able to reach my goal within 2 years.

  51. Hi Paul,

    Do you know a case in which someone has used the phallosan Forte continuously, almost 24h per day (and took breaks only for cleaning up the moisture and pee)? If so, what happened? Did it accelerate the growth?

    • Eh, no dude don’t do that. It’s totally counterproductive. Wearing penis extenders for 24hr is NOT suggested.
      Your body needs time to repair itself.

      • Thanks, Paul.

        So let’s take care when contacting Swiss Sana support because according to them, there is no problem wearing for long hours. Below is the reproduction of my e-mail to Swiss Sana and their reply.


        Dear Swiss Sana,

        I have only 2 questions:

        1) Can I use Phallosan uninterruptedly for 24 hours with medium (green-yellow) tension? I know that you recommend the use of up to 10 hours, but it is not clear why. Isn’t the Phallosan principle the same as tissue expander (a medical device that is used to expand skin for burning recovery) in which the patient’s skin is expanded continuously? What are the risks of using more than 10 hours? Does the skin contract if Phallosan is used for more than 10 hours?

        2) How do cells grow? Is there a minimum time of continuous tension that promotes cell division?

        Swiss Sana Support reply:

        Dear Sir,

        You can also wear the Phallosan longer than like the 10 hours if you find it comfortable.
        Basically, we recommend you to wear the Phallosan forte 6 days a week, 8-14 hours a day. You can wear it under your underwear during the day.
        On the 7th day we recommend a rainy break for the skin so that the cells can recover.

        The Phallosan plus is more for the evening at home, because it can not be worn well in the pants with the rods.

        The biggest misconception is when it comes to penis enlargements, the higher the force the faster and better the result.

        How do the cells grow?

        By stroking or stretching the penis, microfiber tears occur.
        The body repairs this by forming new cells that are deposited transversely and longitudinally.
        This leads to the penis increasing not only in length but also in girth.

        The result is visible and noticeable after six months of use.
        If you want to maintain this effect, we recommend that you continue to wear the Phallosan 1-2 times a week, so that the existing result remains.

        If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at any time.

        Best regards.

        Phallosan forte Team.

        • I think Swiss Sana is misconcepting the penis elongation theory. According to what I’ve reading in scientific researches, the elongation does not occur thanks to micro tears, but by mechanotransduction process in which under specific tension cellls begin to multiply. The entire process is not clear even for cientists.

          And according to some researches, stretching does not elongates the skin, but thicken it. Tests carried out in lab has demonstrated that the skin got thicker, not longer. This may explain partially why some PF users are reporting that the device only thicken the penis, does not elongate it. I never met some PF user that declares that the device gave to him 4,8 cm of length gain as Swiss Sana declares that the device can do. It is a lot of gain if it is true.

      • The reason I am trying to understand if there are benefits wearing for 24 hours is because there are devices such as tissue expanders that patients wear them continuoulsy and seems that the tissue expands. These tissue expanders are used to reconstruct breasts (women who removed breasts in breast cancer) and other injuriers such as severe skin burn. In these cases, patients cannot remove these tissue expanders device and once the doctor set a new tension, the expansion will only stop when the skin reaches the size set by the expander.
        So I was wondering if the PE device works at same principle.

        See more about tissue extender at:


  52. Hey Paul,

    this is Rob – got my device today and gonna start training right away!
    I sent you the order no., could you please provide me with your Guide for maximum gains? 😉

    Thanks a million!

  53. I am looking to increase my length and girth. I came across jelqing on the internet, but I saw many doctors saying that it does more harm than good, such as causing ED due to scarring and permanent damage. What is your take? Also, I am interested in buying Phallosan, but I’d like to try jelqing first to warm up to wearing a sleeve for 8hrs a day. What do you recommend I do as a beginner to increase my size?

    • I suggest you try jelqing first. If you’re afraid of getting hurt/ED then do I gently.
      Don’t jelq too hard and you’ll be absolutely fine. Only buy phallosan if you’re lazy or want to do penis exercise while walking/sitting in the car.

  54. Hi Paul
    I purchased yesterday and as soon as I confirmed with my banking app the payment using card I was sent back to their home page with no further details.
    I left my email and phone number. Nothing on both of those. Wondering if there is something I am missing here.

    • The order page has the text box to input card details and delivery address in the bottom before the next button. Did you already input your address? If yes then I think it’s ok. But to be sure you can see your credit card history if it was charged.

  55. Hello Paul
    I am new to PE, age 48 and need a hobby/goal in life so I want to get enormous! I am 23cm long and 16.5cm erect girth which I know is big. I feel that my shaft is very strong and tough…can this be stretched? I want to get as big as possible near to 30cm X 18cm. Will the Phallosan give me results with my starting size in mind? Thanks in advance

    • Dude, your penis is HUGE. I don’t think it can fit in the phallosan protector cap.
      I would suggest doing a manual workout like jelqing or maybe hanging is more suitable for you.


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