Have you ordered Phallosan through my website and want the Maximum gains book?

Or do you have any question to ask?

Just give me a message:

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      • Yo bro Thanks! 🙂
        I just sent you my ebook! Don’t forget to keep your routine log so you know exactly what works.
        Be patient and consistent!

      • Yo just sent you the e-book check your inbox.
        If anyone reading this… please use the contact page to contact me, it will be faster.

    1. Hey dude, just received the PF after ordering through your website. Can I get the free ebook please, I’ve submitted the order number in the contact form with my email address. Let me know.

    2. Hey Paul, just resent my order number along with email address as requested through the contact page. Let me know if you got it, thanks

    3. for some reason i can’t fill in the contact page. it just give me blanco lines and it does not say what to fill in where.
      can i get the e-book please

      • Yo dude, my contact form is messed for some reasons. I’m working around it please wait for 1-2 days.
        Sorry man.
        The contact form is working now, please send me your order number too.

    4. Hey mate I sent you a message on the contact form. My order number is SWS-177XXX can you send me your book please? Thanks.

    5. Hey Paul,

      Great job keeping this thread alive!
      Wondering if I could get your ebook?
      I sent you my order number earlier.
      Really appreciate the help!


    6. Hey Paul,
      Just received my PF.
      Can I get your ebook please?
      I’ve sent the order number in the contact form with my email address. Let me know.

      • Yes, I just sent you my ebook. So sorry for the late reply I was misconfig my website.
        Check in your spam box too.
        Anyway, I will check it every day from now on.LOL.


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